structure of touch screen optically bonded to LCD explained.
structure of cover lens optically bonded to LCD explained.
reflection index comparison between optical bonding and air bonding.

Optical Bonding

  • Optically clear adhesive (OCA) is a sheet like adhesive, while the liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA), or the optically clear resin (OCR) is a fluid like glue.
  • To reduce the difference of the reflective index of the air between the LCD module and the touch screen, we fill the air gap with optically clear adhesive (OCA) or inject liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) depending on the application and the LCD, this process is known as optical bonding or direct bonding.

  • Besides of enhancing optical performances, optical bonding also provides multiple benefits such as increasing impact absorption and preventing moisture and condensation from forming inside the module's gap.

  • Miracletouch's optical bonding is all done in-house in our own facility located in Taiwan where we also manufacture the touch screens, this way we are able to streamline the bonding process right after we finish productions of touch screen. We also have the ability to de-laminate any defective bonded units to maintain a yield rate of well over 95%.

  • UV/Environmental resistive solutions available.
  • Solutions differ between resistive and projected capacitive touch screen, can be applied to products up to 24"